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Belmont and Peninsula League Scores and Standings

Report Your Scores Within 1 Hour

Winning team reports games scores and pitchers outs by either:

 Text a photo of your card to 650 533-5688 


Email in the following format:


Umpire Game # (found on schedule page):

Sponsor/Team Name:


Game Day/Date (for rescheduled use original date):

Runs For:

Runs Against:

Result W/L/T:

Pitcher 1 Name:

Pitcher 1 Outs Recorded:

Pitcher 2 Name:

Pitcher 2 Outs Recorded

Pitcher 3 Name:

Pitcher 3 Outs Recorded:

Add pitchers/outs as necessary.  For 8U, one pitch in an inning equals 3 outs.