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2019 Belmont Blast Invitational

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Belmont Redwood Shores Youth Softball Association is pleased to announce the inaugural Belmont Blast Invitational for 8Rec teams!

The tournament will take place at McDougal Park in Belmont on June 22nd and 23rd.

The tournament is exclusive to 8Rec teams to provide a competition that nurtures player development and sportsmanship.

The Belmont Blast Invitational will consist of a minimum of 4 games over two days.  All participants will receive Blast Invitational t-shirts. The top two teams from Sunday will receive 1st and 2nd place trophies.  

•    To reserve a spot in the tournament please email with your team name, roster and coach’s contact information (email subject - 2019 Belmont Blast Invitational.) A max of 8 teams will participate on a first-come basis.
•    Cost of the tournament will be $350 per team. A $100 deposit is required by June 7th in order to hold your team’s spot.
•    Payment can be made by PayPal – -- or via check mailed to  Belmont Redwood Shores Youth Softball Association, PO Box 526, Belmont, CA 94002

•    The tournament format will be like a traditional USA Softball sanctioned tournament with 3 ‘Pool Play’ games on Saturday that will determine seeding for a single elimination ‘Bracket Play’ on Sunday.  
•    All Pool Play games will be officiated by one umpire with semi-final and championship games having two umpires. (Note: we will be utilizing youth and amateur umpires.)

Field & Amenities: 
•    Location - All games will be played at McDougal Park – 1405 Solana Dr., Belmont, CA 94002 
•    Parking - is available on site and in addition to the designated parking spots for the school, guests can also park on the blacktop basketball courts.   
•    Dugouts – Dugouts are not covered.  Teams are encouraged to bring their own tents or canopies to provide shade.
•    Practice Space - Teams will be assigned a team practice and picnic area for both days of the tournament.   Each team will receive an area of the outfield to conduct pregame warmups and to use as a resting/picnic spot for players and families between games. 
•    Restrooms – Port-a-Potties will be positioned in several areas around the park.
•   No barbecues, no open flames allowed at McDougal Park.
•   No dogs allowed at fields.
•   No amplified music.

Food & Beverage:
Teams are encouraged to picnic and enjoy the full day at the softball fields.  There will be food options for purchase on both days.

Saturday - There will be a food truck on site for purchase of food and drinks.  For information on menu and options, visit -
Sunday – Snack shack w/ BBQ lunch items 

•    General Rules: 
o    All 8U Rec teams must be formed using approved guidelines. 
o    Game ball: 10” low compression softball. 
o    Base Distance: 50 Feet 
o    Pitching Distance: 30 Feet 
o    Games: 6 Innings -- or the time limit
o    For the first 3 innings, there will be a 5 run per inning maximum. open thereafter. 

•    Time Limit: 
o    For Pool Play, no new inning shall begin after 65 minutes. 
o    For bracket play through the championship, no new inning shall begin after 80 minutes. 
o    Game time is kept by umpires on the field. Time begins with first warm-up pitch. A new inning starts with the third out of the previous inning. 
o    No pool play game shall exceed 6 innings. 
o    Pool play games may end in a tie. 
o    Umpires will keep the games moving so please cooperate & keep the players moving. 

•    Base Running: 
o    Teams are allowed a max of 2 steals per inning.  No stealing home.
o    Lead off permitted on release.  
o    Overthrows: 
    On a throw to first base the following occurs. No batter can advance to second base as a result of an errant throw to first base. All other runners may only advance one base past the base they are going to on an errant throw to first base with liability of being put out if the ball stays in live ball territory. 
    On a throw to any other base or position. If, on a throw to any other base an errant throw occurs, all runners and batter/runner may advance one base past the base they are going to with liability of being put out. 
    The umpire will only award a base to the runners if the ball has been thrown out of play. No bases will be awarded on errant throws when the ball stays in play. 
    Runner and batter/runner may be put out if they advance beyond the base they are entitled to on the errant throw. At the end of play the umpire will return all runners to the base they are entitled to if they have not been put out. 

•    Fielding: 
o    10 players may be allowed on defense in the field at any one time, four of which must be outfielders. Outfielders must position themselves at least 10 feet behind the baseline. 
o    No Infield Fly Rule. 
o    Play stops when ball, hit to outfield, gets in the control of the pitcher, who is in the infield. 

•    Batting: 
o    Everyone bats and free defensive substitutions. 
o    No dropped 3rd strike. Runners may not advance. 
o    Bunting is allowed. Exception: No bunting when coach is pitching. 

•    Pitching: 
o    Players will pitch to opposing team. 
o    2 inning limit for pitchers, plus 1 additional inning if the game goes more than 4 innings. One pitch in an inning constitutes a complete inning. 
o    No walks.  A coach/pitcher will enter the circle when 4 balls have been called by the umpire. Coach must pitch “legal” pitchers from pitching rubber. 
    The coach/pitcher will assume the batter’s number of strikes and will throw no more than three (3) pitches with the umpire calling balls/strikes. 
    If the pitch is not put into play by the last pitch, the batter is out. Exception: If the last pitch is a foul ball, pitching continues until the ball is hit and put in play or the batter is called out. 
    Batter will NOT be awarded a base on a Hit by Pitch from the coach/pitcher but will by a player/pitcher. 
    If a batted ball hits the coach/pitcher the ball is dead and the batter is out. At no time shall the coach/pitcher obstruct play.
    Player/Pitcher must have one foot in the circle at the time coach/pitcher is pitching. 
    Coach/Pitcher must stay in the circle during play and MAY NOT provide coaching